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Free Christmas Graphic Templates

Perfect for Your Blog or Website

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by Kenny Wood
2 November, 2015Comments

Download this wonderfully festive pack of 6 FREE christmas graphic templates, for use on your blog or website. Perfect to complement any promotion you have running for the holidays.

To celebrate the launch of our new blog, we are giving away a pack of 6 christmas graphic advertisement templates for FREE. Just in time for all of your holiday promotions.

These templates are perfect for use for your online shop, blog or website to compliment any promotion you might be running. They are completely editable and can be applied to any image or video of your choosing. Simply follow the steps below to edit the templates for use in your projects.

  1. Open .psd File of Your Choosing in Adobe Photoshop

    Decide which template you would like to edit and open the file inside adobe photoshop. Depending on your setup, you might be prompted with an error message asking about if you wish to keep layers or not, always select "Keep Layers"

  2. Open Background Layer for Editing

    Double click on the background smart object layer in the layers panel. This will open up a new tab inside photoshop for you to edit the background layer directly.

    photoshop open smart object layer
  3. Edit Background Image

    Here you should place your image (file -> place -> select file -> place).

    Once you have placed your file, you should resize as appropriate (Tip: hold shift while dragging to maintain image sizing ratio. Also hold 'alt' if you would like to expand the image out from the center)

    Once you are happy with the placement, click the tick icon at the top (or press ctrl & enter). Click file -> save) and close the tab.

    your image will now be updated behind the graphic overlay

    photoshop edit background image
  4. Edit Text Layers

    Click the type tool (or press 'T'). Then click on the text layer you wish to edit (each word is on a separate layer for complete customisation of sizing and placement). Then simply edit with your new word and click the tick arrow

    photoshop edit text layers
  5. Save Your Image

    Now go ahead and save your image with the desired dimensions using Photoshop's powerful "save for web" option. This will remove unnecessary metadata from the image and will also apply a level of compression to the file before saving with a web safe filename

    photoshop save for web
  6. Use Your New Promotional Image

    Your new promotional image will now be ready for use anywhere you see fit. Enjoy!

Download these great templates using either of the download methods below.
We would love to see your creations, so please do leave a comment with your finished products. Or, if you are having any issues with using the templates, drop us a comment or email and we will assist you with your creation process!

Download Now

To download these great templates click the the pay with a tweet button to fire off a tweet about the graphics and at the same time download the pack!

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