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by Kenny Wood
21 March, 2016Comments
Lennon Wright, an IT recruitment company based in London, came to IndigoMelody with a request to both update their logo and also to design and develop a modern website that reflects their IT client base. LennonWright recruit for a plethora of web development related roles, so had a great deal of choice when it came to who should build their new website. Based on our strong portfolio and proven track record of delivering on big projects. They decided IndigoMelody was the best company for the job. This is how the project went from then on in. (You can view a brief summary of the project over here)


Lennon Wright wanted an edgy, yet professional logo that incorporated their existing brand colours or blue and yellow. We created this logo for them based on their requirements and desired image for their company. We then went on to create the company’s business cards and branding materials. The logo was very well received by both Lennon Wright as well as their client base.

Business Card Mockup

Once we had nailed the company logo, we moved right onto the website.


After initial communication where we clearly defined the website requirements, we arranged a meeting and moved right onto sketching the page wireframes. Sketching ideas with a client is always extremely beneficial as it allows you to bounce ideas of one another to form an picture about how the pages should look without any delays. Trying to develop design concepts over email is almost always cumbersome and if possible, should be avoided at all costs.

After an extremely productive 6 hour creative meeting, we had a clear vision of how every page on the website should look and function.


Then we moved onto the digital wireframes.

To the uninitiated, wireframes are design documents that show the 'shell' of the page. Wireframes help with defining the structure and layout of the website. These wireframes were signed off without any required changes, which is testament to the importance of the interactive sketching stage of a web design project.


After this we started to fill the wireframes with content to form the design document. It's always a good idea to design in black and white first. Colours can sometimes get in the way of what actually matters most at this stage, which is how best to convey the information on the website. A websites look and feel should be defined by the content, not the other way around.

Once Lennon Wright were happy with the black and white renders, we then added the colour to the design. Colour is a tool you can use to enhance to a design, only ever add colour if it genuinely serves a purpose, weather it be to highlight areas of the page, enforce branding, or add emphasis to text, don't fall into the trap of adding colour to "make it look pretty".

As you can see from the above design, colour is used to highlight key areas and to also reinforce the branding throughout. As LennonWright are a startup company, it was very important to enforce the branding colours as much as possible to help drive home their brand identity.

Key design choices

There were a number of key design choices made during this web design project that contributed to the overall success of the site, from the key design elements right down to the actual software used.

Using sketch

We use sketch for all of our website designs, and can not recommend it highly enough to any web designer out there. There are enough articles about the benefits of using sketch for web design, so we won’t get into it here, but it really is a web designers dream software.

Video background

We decided a video background would work best for the homepage, as it feels modern and would help LennonWright to stand out in a sea of other IT recruitment agencies. The video is a timelapse of professionals walking. This was used to emphasise the fact that LennonWright are an energetic, forward thinking company that are constantly evolving and always moving forward.

Search box

When designing a website, never forget the goal of your intended audience. In this case, we had to think ‘what action would a user of a job board website want to accomplish?’, well to find a job, of course. What better way to say "let's find you a job" quite like a big search box with an emphasied cursor tempting users into a search query. This big search box says "we are confident we can find a job for you" it creates an instant feeling of assurance in the company that they are certain they will find a job for you.

All of these decision were entirely intentional, and that's exactly how design should be. Design is not just about what looks good. Design should always have meaning and intent.


Let's talk about some of the most interesting parts of this web development build.

Homepage Search

The main purpose of the website is to encourage users to use LennonWright to aid them with their job search. Because of this, we decided to have a big search box on the homepage, with a blinking cursor to subtly entice users to search for their desired job. The blinking cursor effect was created using JavaScript and basic HTML. (Article on how to achieve this coming soon)

Wrap up

This project was a huge success in every aspect. We managed to turn the project around in 2 months, way ahead of schedule. The site was received very well by both LennonWright and their client base. And Lennon Wright have received more business through the website than ever before.

The main reason for the success of this website revamp was due to the fact that all design decisions were made for the right reasons and were always inline with the company image and main goal.

If your company is looking for a new website to help increase your online presence, then make sure to get in touch. We are a web development company based in Warwickshire and London. We have worked with companies of all sizes to produce beautiful websites with fantastic results.

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