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Tell a Friend, Get Paid

Earn 10% of the project fee.

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by Kenny Wood
1 February, 2016Comments
While it’s no secret that we do great work, some people simply haven’t heard the news yet. Help us to spread the word, and get paid for it!


We are extremely grateful to have received many recommendations over the years, which has resulted in a lot of new projects and has allowed our business to thrive. So now we feel it's time to give back to the people who have helped IndigoMelody to grow and expand.

So as a way of saying thank you, today we are launching our brand new referral scheme!

It's very simple. Tell someone about us, and if that person takes up a project with IndigoMelody, you will receive 10% of the total project cost. That's right, for example, if we draw up a contract for £3,000, you will get paid £300 just for submitting the form below.

And what's more, you can refer as many people as you like and get paid for all of them. There is no limit to how much money you could receive for simply spreading the word!

Here's the full breakdown of how it works;

  1. Find a friend who needs a website developed
  2. Tell them about how great our services are
  3. Fill out the below form with information about who you are referring
  4. We will then update you with the progress of their enquiry
  5. As soon as the referred client pays us, we then pay you your 10% fee on the same day, directly into your bank account

Some rules;

  • If we receive multiple submissions for the same client, the first person to refer will receive the fee
  • Those referring must not be associated with the company in any direct way
  • The 10% referral fee will only be paid once payment has cleared from the client
  • The fee will only be payable for the first project with the client and not for any subsequent projects
  • You must inform us about your lead BEFORE the project has started
  • The 10% fee will only be paid upon successful referrals
  • You can not claim a referral fee for your own website development project with us

So there we have it, nice and simple, tell people about us and get paid.

Now go ahead, find someone to refer and submit the form below. Good luck and happy earning!

Referral Form

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