SkillPill App Update

Version 2.0

We created the first version of SkillPill's mobile app a couple years back and it was a big hit amongst their clients. A couple years on and now they have decided to use us again to update the app for their new company vision. This is what we created for them.
The requirements for this app were focused around creating a modern, fun, bold and interesting app with gamified elements. The app is all about the user's personal profile and score and the gamified look of the app needed to reflect that. SkillPill were very happy with the end result as are we.

Click the screenshots below for a larger view.
SkillPill - App Update

Fun. Bold. Modern

Each section of the app has a different colour header and elements, to reflect the separation of the various aspects of the app. This helps the navigation and user journey within the app and makes browsing the app, a joy.